INSIGHTNOW™ is the common name for our services en products. These consist of the INSIGHTNOW™ Network and the INSIGHTNOW™ Cloud Platform. The Network is our equipment at location that measures or controls. The Network uses a multitude of wireless connectivities to transfer the measurement data via internet to our Cloud Platform. In this Platform we collect and store the measured data, we operate on the data and present it to the customer. This is also where we turn data into information and where we run our business logic.The Platform can be accessed any time, from anywhere through a web browser or using our app on smartphone or tablet. Access to the Platform using Web Services is enabled for users providing their own portals and for M2M communication.

Current status INSIGHTNOW™ platform

Datasheet INSIGHTNOW for Noise measurements


The most important aspect of measuring and controlling is that the constraints imposed by measurement or actuation devices are minimised as well as those imposed by requirements for energy or networking infrastructure. The compact Munisense equipment uses batteries and/or solar energy, a mobile internet (GRPS, 3G, LTE) connection to achieve system autonomy. We use stable Mesh networking technology for our Network, where all devices collaborate to achieve a reliable network where every device is able to send messages for other devices.

INSIGHTNOW™ Mesh Netwerk

INSIGHTNOW™ Mesh Netwerk

We also use operator provided networks like GPRS, LTE or LoRa, where our devices communicate directly with a base station of a provider. These operator networks are particularly useful for sparse networks that cover large areas (like a whole city), and for networks or devices that roam from base station to base station.




The core of the INSIGHTNOW™ Cloud Platform is the back-office, where all measurements are stored and controlled and configuration actions are logged. For each measurement in addition to the measured value, time of measurement, location, and the device that performed the measurement is stored.

Customers retrieve their data from this platform, where all devices can also be controlled and configured. The platform is configured for the application and for the different roles/functions of the user. For example, an end user may just see validated data on a map or in a graph, while a data-engineer has access to the raw data and validation information, a third role may be the maintenance engineer who can see the status of all devices.

The platform also stores meta-data that contains pertinent information about the location of the measurement or control. Besides GPS location and the device installed, this meta-data also contains information about ownership and access, elevations like street level, measurement height, etc. Maintenance of the meta-data also goes through the portal.

The Smart City Platform


The Wareco Water Data (WWD) is a turn-key service from Wareco Ingenieurs in the field of managing groundwater networks and monitoring groundwater during construction and replacing sewer lines.
Our equipment, cloud platform and services is Wareco's added value to their engineering services.

Leuven Horecasense

The city of Leuven in Belgium limits noise nuisances from nightlife for its citizens and prevent damage to the hearing of the nightlife participants. The city has issued regulations that require establishments that play loud music to limit the sound levels and monitor these levels continuously. Munisense supplied the noise monitoring system to about 100 establishments and provides their management and the city with compliance data. The system consists of a sound meter, a display that shows the real-time sound levels, and an on-line portal to view violations and historical data. For more information please see (in Dutch).

Noise monitoring in combinatie met nudging technieken heeft geluidsoverlast voor bewoners in het uitgaansgebied van Leuven sterk gereduceerd.
Onze noise monitoring stations (geluidmeters) die naast alle gebruikelijke geluidparameters ook geluidsherkenning leverden werden gekoppeld aan nudging systemen. Het ingestelde geluidniveau in combinatie met gedefinieerde geluidherkenningsparameters werd gebruikt als trigger voor een scala aan nudging technieken. Het meest effectief bleken de nudging boodschappen die direct op straat werden geprojecteerd aan de overlast veroorzaker(s). Deze lichtprojecties zorgden voor een verlaging van de geluidsoverlast met 30%. Deze slimme technologie helpt de Leuvenaars aan een betere nachtrust en een gezonder leefklimaat.

Healthy schools

The City of Amsterdam has investigated the indoor climate of its 360 schoolbuildings with our indoor climate meters. Based on the data from these CS4 measurement sets, improvement priorites have been set.
Results of implemented improvements are also monitored based on objective measurement data from the CS4 meters in our INSIGHTNOW™ cloud platform.


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