Experience flight Lelystad Airport

Our noise meters provide insight into the aircraft noise on the future flight routes to and from Lelystad Airport (NL) of May 30. Read more and view the data.

We offer unique and affordable Smart City IoT services for real-time measurements and control.
Our equipment is optimized for environments and situations where independence of energy and data communication network are also of great importance.


Quick and cost-effective integration of measurements and system control for businesses, governments and authorities. Besides developing products and services, Munisense also handles the operational processes to keep applications running, like network monitoring and maintenance. We also develop OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products. Please find some examples of our projects below:

Leuven Horecasense

The city of Leuven in Belgium wants to limit noise nuisances from nightlife for its citizens and they want to prevent damage to the hearing of the nightlife participants. The city has issued regulations that require establishments that play loud music to limit the sound levels and monitor these levels continuously. Munisense provides noise monitoring equipment to almost 100 establishments and provides management and the city with compliance data. The system consists of a sound meter, a display that shows the real-time sound levels, and an on-line portal to view violations and historical data. For more information please see www.horecasense.nl (in Dutch).

The Wareco Water Data (WWD) is a turn-key service from Wareco Ingenieurs in the field of managing groundwater networks and monitoring groundwater during construction and replacing sewer lines.
Our equipment, cloud platform and services is Wareco's added value to their engineering services.

Havenspoorpad dynamisch verlicht

Intelligent Smart City Lighting. The Eurel system, as implemented at the Havenspoor bicyclepath in Rotterdam, is an innovative real-time on-line dynamic light management system. The system transforms static lighting into on-line controllable lighting with the ability to adjust light levels to real-time needs. The result is energy efficiency by allowing low light levels when there is no need to illuminate, and safety by increasing light levels when necessary. The Eurel system uses all functionalities of our INSIGHTNOW™ platform.

The Eurel system is the next step towards smart and sustainable infrastructures and is a seamless addition to our portfolio. The Eurel system is not just lighting, but is an integral concept for smart infrastructures offering flexibility and a future-proof solution.
- Dion Gigenpack - Elspec bv

Healthy schools

The City of Amsterdam has investigated the indoor climate of its 360 schoolbuildings with our indoor climate meters. Based on the data from these CS4 measurement sets, improvement priorites have been set.
Results of implemented improvements will also be monitored based on objective measurement data from the CS4 meters in our INSIGHTNOW™ cloud platform.


Results experience flight Lelystad Airport

The much-discussed experience flight that took place on 30 May gave residents of the areas under the future flight paths of Lelystad Airport an idea of how much noise an aircraft will make.

Our noise meters registered the noise of the Boeing 737-800, comparable to the aircraft that will depart and arrive from 2020 at Lelystad Airport. The passages of the airplane could be followed live via munisense.live/belevingsvlucht.

The first results were reported to the ministry of Infrastructure on friday June 1: Results noise measurements (pdf file in Dutch).



This experience flight was also the topic in the media. A selection from the news:

NOS - 8 uur journaal 30 may 2018; the meters and measurements of our noise meters were shown on our online platform.

Nu.nl - 30 may 2018; one of the three articles that nu.nl published today.

RTL Nieuws - 30 may 2018; varying reactions about the noise level.

AD.nl - 30 may 2018; interview with the chairman of the control group belevingsvlucht and with the Ned. Stichting Geluidshinder.

Trouw - May 31 2018; Fingers point in the air. There is the 'belevingsvlucht' - with map with measurements (see below)


Providing insight in noise of "experience flight" Lelystad

On 30 May a.s. the experience flight of Transavia takes place. In this way residents and other stakeholders also gain insight into the noise production of a Boeing 737 at low altitude.

The real-time noise measurements are carried out with Munisense meters at 16 measuring points in Gelderland, Overijssel and Flevoland right under the flight paths of Lelystad Airport.

At each measuring point a noise meter is installed that transmits the measured values in real time to our online INSIGHTNOW platform. The noise meter continuously measures the sound from the moment of installation. In this way the background noise is also well mapped. The maximum noise level is determined during the passage of the aircraft. After the passage, the measured values are once again checked (in some cases the recorded noise files will be listened) and validated.

The noise levels can be monitored live via www.belevingsvlucht.nl. You can link to the map on our platform to monitor the measured noise values per flight path here.

Getting a grip on event noise

The ideal balance between noise, noise and health. That is what many events struggle with. Obtaining a permit is more difficult due to stricter regulations. What to do?

A handy system that can provide stakeholders - ie organizer, DJ, municipality, enforcement and local residents - with live insight into noise levels during an event. Our mobile, wireless and affordable sound measurement system offers a solution.

The DJ or organizer can, thanks to the prediction function, vary within the limits and thus maintains a good deal of creativity. The usual complaints from local residents are decreasing and the visitors have a top event.

A win-win situation.

We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of purchasing such a system or renting it.

The magazine Events & Showbizz 1 of 2018 devoted an article to our system. You can find it here.

10 years Munisense

Time flies when you are in a flow. Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary! A party that Munisense celebrates later this year, together with customers, friends and employees. What once started out as a small club at a kitchen table, has grown into a fully-fledged company with clients and partners that we are proud of, and with which we are successful together!

George Boersma, co-founder and managing director of Munisense: "We are extremely proud of what we have achieved over the past 10 years. Munisense is a company with great customers and employees.We are a very special approach, attention, commitment and understanding. company.". Hans Mulder, co-founder and director of Munisense, complements George "In addition to focusing on the best solution from a technical point of view, Munisense is also looking for the solution that best meets the customer's wishes - in short, a unique company. year long!".

We also like to celebrate this anniversary with our relations. So, in addition to our newsletters, we also keep an eye on our employees, because they too will be hosting festive surprises this year.

Legislation on amplified sound

On February 21, 2018, the new Brussels legislation on Amplified Sound (versterkt geluid – son amplifié) will be enforced. All Brussels event organizers that amplify sound indoors or outdoors will have to comply with the new legislation Amplified Sound to protect the public against noise nuisance and hearing damage. 

Important aspects of this legislation are raising awareness among all concerned and informing visitors about the health risks of intense or prolonged exposure to amplified sound without restricting the creativity of the artists. The wireless Horecasense system has been certified by the City of Brussels and by choosing Horecasense you meet the requirements for displaying and registration of the sound that are defined in the legislation. 

Find out more about the legislation amplified sound, download the guide amplified sound (prepared by Brussels Environmental department). You will find full information on their website.

Comply to the legislation amplified sound? Order your Horecasense system here.

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