End of 2G networks in sight - smart switch to LTE-M

Posted on 30 October, 2023

End of 2G networks in sight - smart switch to LTE-M

Dutch telecom operators will phase out their 2G/GPRS networks over the next 3 years.

Vodafone and KPN have planned to be the last to switch off their 2G networks on 31-12-2025. Of course we write this with some reservations because the Dutch government will also express its opinion on this and possibly make changes. In other countries, this moment lies further ahead in the future, on 31-12-2030.

However, the 2G coverage for our LV4 and LV5 water meters will decrease somewhat in The Netherlands because T-Mobile will pull the plug on their network in mid-2023.

We now have an excellent successor: the LV8. This works with LTE-M and roaming SIMS from Deutsche Telekom. This future-proof solution can last 25 years.

What now with LV4 and LV5?

No worries! Because our digital service will continue to exist for all working LV4 or LV5 water meters, as long as they will have sufficient 2G coverage.

However, the LV4s are no longer repaired but recycled since the beginning of this year.

We will continue to repair the LV5s for you, until January 1st, 2026.

Furthermore, the batteries for both LV4 and LV5 water meters will remain available until the end of 2025.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Switch to LTE-M

To ensure a smooth transition to the LV8 (with 4G/5G LTE-M), during 2023 a discount will be appliccable on the purchase of the future-proof LV8 when replacing LV4 water meters with serial numbers MSLV4h or MSLV4i or all LV5 water meters.

Contact us at sales@munisense.com. We are happy to advise you on the smartest (and cheapest) way to switch.

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