Managing groundwater monitoring networks Zaanstad en Vlaardingen

Posted on 4 July, 2023

Managing groundwater monitoring networks Zaanstad en Vlaardingen

Both the Municipality of Zaanstad and Vlaardingen recently awarded their tender contracts for the management of its groundwater monitoring networks to Inpijn Blokpoel Ingenieurs, now known as SOCOTEC Geotechnics, and Munisense for equipment and ICT. The tenders include all aspects of monitoring wells: data collection, maintenance of the measuring network, quality checks and visualization of the data in a municipal and public portal.

To begin with, the approximately 400 monitoring wells in total will be equipped with telemetry and autonomous sensors. These sensors send groundwater levels to the portal via LTE-M several times a day, where the data is immediately made available to the municipalities.

This guarantees Zaanstad and Vlaardingen in-depth insight into the current situation and long-term trends of groundwater quantity, which is important for policy issues and development.

In addition to the status of the monitoring networks and quality assurance of the groundwater data, Zaanstad en Vlaardingen also gain insight into comparisons of results, spatial distribution, changes over time and other analyses. All this with a high level of data reliability and superior data quality.

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