GLIMI: understandable insight into noise for citizens

Posted on 2 May, 2022

GLIMI: understandable insight into noise for citizens

For citizen participation comprehensible information is needed.

This also applies to the continuously changing sound landscape that citizens experience.

The calculated annual average noise levels do not match the residents' own noise experience.

The GLIMI project makes the sound environment measurable, understandable and manageable. And residents can get started themselves. Residents gain insight into the quality of the local sound environment in an intuitive and accessible way. And the causes of the possible nuisance, which can also be reported by themselves.

In addition to sound levels, GLIMI is also based on how this is experienced (soundscape method) and with which sounds the environment is burdened. All this is displayed in an intuitive way on the online dashboard.

Read the GLIMI newsletter (Dutch) in case you need more information on GLIMI in English, please contact us. We are happy to inform you!


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