Sustainable smart traffic management

Posted on 19 May, 2022

Sustainable smart traffic management

Instead of regulating traffic with traditional traffic management based on traffic flow, along the N208 provincial road in North Holland sensors have been installed to conduct research into air quality and noise.

The province of Noord-Holland uses these sensors to investigate whether there is a relationship between traffic and the measured data and whether the data can be influenced. If the data exceeds a certain limit, the province can make several adjustments to lower the limits. Adjustments such as reducing speed, diverting traffic or extending the green wave.

In November 2021 we installed the sensors along the N208 in Haarlem. The sensors measure the air quality (particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide) and the noise level. This data is linked to traffic data from the National Road Traffic Data Portal (NDW) and the data from the traffic lights on the N208.

The first results are known. The research shows that there is a measurable relationship between noise and traffic (intensity and speed), but not yet with air quality and traffic.

The follow-up study is currently ongoing to see whether a relationship can be discovered between the traffic indicators and the environmental indicators for both noise and air quality. Traffic management measures are also being designed to reduce the measured values. This is better for the environment and the quality of life increases. Examples of this can be: improving traffic flow by minimizing the number of stops, reducing the maximum speed or having parts of the traffic drive via a different route.

As it stands, we will be able to provide you with more information about the final results of this investigation along the N208 after the summer of 2022.

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