Legislation on amplified sound

Posted on 7 February, 2018

Legislation on amplified sound

On February 21, 2018, the new Brussels legislation on Amplified Sound (versterkt geluid – son amplifié) will be enforced. All Brussels event organizers that amplify sound indoors or outdoors will have to comply with the new legislation Amplified Sound to protect the public against noise nuisance and hearing damage. 

Important aspects of this legislation are raising awareness among all concerned and informing visitors about the health risks of intense or prolonged exposure to amplified sound without restricting the creativity of the artists. The wireless Horecasense system has been certified by the City of Brussels and by choosing Horecasense you meet the requirements for displaying and registration of the sound that are defined in the legislation. 

Find out more about the legislation amplified sound, download the guide amplified sound (prepared by Brussels Environmental department). You will find full information on their website.

Comply to the legislation amplified sound? Order your Horecasense system here.

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