ZigBee Alliance

Posted on 11 March, 2008

ZigBee Alliance

Leiden, March 11th, 2008. Munisense becomes member of the ZigBee Alliance. The alliance builds on international standards to further the interoperability of wireless sensing and actuation devices. Only standardization will enable a volume market that will bring down price and increase the number of sensor-network applications. From the start Munisense has enabled its INSIGHTNOW™ platform to integrate standard ZigBee devices and to allow these devices too to be become part of the Munisense managed networks. By becoming a member, munisense becomes part of the ZigBee eco system and can tailor its services towards the latest ZigBee developments, and Munisense can participate and contribute in those workgroups that address the challenges in the markets that Munisense participates in.

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