Measuring noise continuously, live online sound analysis

Monitoring noise, measurements and sound recognition

Online real-time information on noise level, continuously and objective: the certified INSIGHTNOW™ noise measurement system.

The INSIGHTNOW™ sound meters, class 1 or class 2, measure environmental noise continously. As a result, we simplify noise management, noise enforcement and understanding noise levels. All sources of environmental noise, like industrial sites, power stations, construction sites or entertainment venues can easily be continuous monitored, long-term.

As all noise measurement data is stored in our INSIGHTNOW platform realtime, analysis of any continuous, intermittent, broadband or tonal noise is easy and results in objective insight.

NEW: automatic noise recognition. A standard feature in the NP-series noise monitoring stations.

Brochure on noise measurement

Overview of noise case references

Some noise measurement applications

Cafes and clubs

Cafes and clubs

For Vierde Convenant Preventie Gehoorschade

Easy to use

Automatic reporting

Long term reporting

Monitors sound levels

Our service offers a detailed insight of the noise levels in as well as outside pubs and nightclubs. Our sound meters can be installed quickly and the system is easy to use. The noise measurement system provides automatic reports and alerts when noise levels are exceeded. You will find more information about our equipment and services for hospitality businesses at

Datasheet NP-lite

Traffic noise

Traffic noise

Easy and mobile to use

Self-regulation through awareness

Immediate insight into nuisance and causes

Insight into effectiveness of measures taken

There are complaints from citizens and you do not know how bad it is, nor who is causing the nuisance and when. Get detailed insight into the nuisance caused by traffic noise by measuring along the road. In addition, the perpetrator is immediately informed of the noise nuisance caused to local residents. Naturally, the sound peaks are recorded and labeled for you online. This way you can make targeted and effective policies to tackle the problems.



Understanding of sound spectra

Monitoring music events

Supports the 103 dBA covenant

Customized reporting

Quick analysis in case of complaints

Using our sound meters you will have always up to date insight into noise levels at music events. Our products are wireless and self-sufficient and as a result can be installed quickly in small or for large areas. The noise measurement system supports multiple sound meters that can be deployed at all sound sensitive places including residences in the surrounding area. The system can differentiate event sounds using spectral technology and it can be configured for automatic reporting.

Leaflet Horecasense



Monitoring of noise

Early warning of noise-budget overruns

In accordance with local building legislation

Recognition of construction noise

Fully autonomous

Measuring construction noise is characterized by long labour-intensive noise measurement sessions with meticulous analysis afterwards. Munisense makes this easy. Our sound meters can easily be installed at building sites. Beside noise levels, sound recordings help to differentiate between construction and back-ground noise. In cooperation with consulting firms, our noise measurements can be translated into direct action, policy or advice.



Measurement of sound levels

Detection passages and SEL levels

Classification, correlation

Long term measurements

Wireless and self-sufficient

In many cases, it is important for municipal governments, organisations or even individuals to assess infrastructure sound levels using actual noise measurements instead of reverting to the official models. Measurements at roads and railways are complex because of lacking network and energy infrastructure. Munisense offers certified sound meters (class 1 or 2) that can use solar power, are 100% wireless and function autonomous.

Leaflet Noise Measurements Infrastructure

What do our customers say?

Very helpful people at Munisense, good portal and service! What more do you want as a municipality?

Dion van den Oetelaar - Inspector of Companies, Municipality of Diemen

In addition to direct contact and solution orientation while using your equipment and online environment, super support if necessary.

Jos Bosman - Bosman Bedrijfsadvies Health and Environment

The development of the meters and customer service is good.

Raymond Tap - Acoustic Consultant, RUD Drenthe


We offer a variety of products and services as a default, such as sensors, meters and gateways. We can, in addition, provide products that are tailored to the needs of our clients. With our INSIGHTNOW™ service it is easy to have online insight in your smart city data.



The INSIGHTNOW™ service consists of wireless sensing in combination with an on-line back-office and customer portal providing measurement data and control at all times from anywhere around the globe.



Munisense developed a unique product for measuring sound levels in night-life establishments. The product provides real-time insight in sound level for use by DJs, technicians, management, and permit enforcement.

Noise Monitoring Stations

Noise Monitoring Stations

Munisense offers different devices for continuous wireless noise measurements, source detection and sound recognition - see below. For additional information please contact us. We are happy to be of assistance to you.

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Munisense develops, supplies and manages innovative measurement solutions for businesses and governments. Smart city solutions that give stakeholders direct online insight into noise, water quality and water levels. The information is available online at any time for visualization, analysis or periodic reports. Thus managers and policymakers can measure in real time; remote, reliable and smarter.

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