Water management is crucial for countries and cities. And distinct insight in water levels and water quality is important.
High water levels cause flood damage while low water levels have detrimental effects on green spaces and crops. Water level changes can affect foundations and can cause subsidence. And for water abstraction an accurate insight into validated water levels is essential as well.

Munisense offers a solution to visualise water levels, flow rates and precipitation in real time, to validate data automatically and includes a powerful analysing and reporting tool. In water monitoring networks the water quality parameters can also be measured, such as temperature and oxygen content. 
Optionally, with our partners, we can manage the design, installation, calibration and operational management of water monitoring networks.

Realtime and online

Online analysis and reporting

Measuring groundwater levels and water quality

Managing groundwater networks

Automatic and manual validation

Measuring and managing water

Our unique and affordable solution for measuring (ground) water levels, managing monitored networks based on logged validated data and a seamless integration of realtime, semi real-time and logged data to municipalities, water management authorities, water boards, water industry, engineering firms and contractors.

Compleet online insight

Munisense supports the entire management of a water monitoring network. All information on the well location is stored, such as photos, drilling profiles, ground-level measurements, level of the well, logger type, calibration values etc. Full insight of measurement history of the entire monitoring network is available, tailored to the role/function of the user.
The measured data can easily be correlated with precipitation data. Periodic reports provide a clear picture of the overall history based on the data that is validated automatically.
Links with public portals, systems and third-party sensors and loggers are supported. Real-time measurement data, eg. ground water levels can also be made available to local residents and stakeholders.

Practical support

Operational management and work planners used, are supported by the platform. Data from manual and control measurements, can be added on the spot.
The route planner in INSIGHTNOW ™ platform optimises the management and eliminates errors.


During construction or sewer replacement a number of sensors in and around a project monitor the water levels real-time and send immediate alerts to those responsible in case of exceeding thresholds.

Full service 

Munisense handles the total information management of validated water level measurements, and optionally, with our partners also the technical operation and maintenance of water monitoring networks.

International standards

All Munisense products and services are suitable for use worldwide. Our  INSIGHTNOW ™ platform is based on international standards for wireless measurements. This simplifies integration with other systems and allows very affordable online measurements.

Our customers

Municipalities, water management authorities, water industry, environmental services, engineering and consultancy agencies, companies and other organisations around the globe use our products and services. You will find a brief overview on our homepage.


INSIGHTNOW™ consists of our INSIGHTNOW™ network and INSIGHTNOW™ cloud platform.

The INSIGHTNOW™ network consists of our small, rapidly deployable, wireless and energy-efficient water level meters. These meters communicate with our INSIGHTNOW™ platform where their measurement data is stored, after automatic validation.
Settings can be entered and changed remotely per meter, like sampling rate and communication interval with the INSIGHTNOW™ network.

Our  INSIGHTNOW™ platform provides powerful management and analysis capabilities as well as automatic validation and reporting of the huge quantity of information stored. Annotations of special events can be added to the measurement data. Intersections of dynamic data, can easily be combined with static data of entire water networks. All information is available on a smartphone, tablet or via a web browser, tailored to the role/function of the user.