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Webdeveloper for sensordata SAAS

While many companies doing web development (especially in PHP) often focus on delivering fast small sites and functionalities within the deadlines, it is with us otherwise. The focus is on writing understandable code and continue to develop it in order to keep the quality high.

To give you an idea, here are some tools and techniques we work with: PHP, MySQL, Git, Jenkins, Sonar, RabbitMQ, Gearman, JIRA, Phabricator, ZigBee, Java, Extreme Programming, Continuous Integration, REST webservices, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap. Experience in these is a pre, but we do not expect that you know everything.

Due to the growing number of customers we are looking for additional programmers with the following characteristics:

  • You get a kick out of delivering quality software.
  • You have experience with object oriented programming on the Web.
  • You can work independently within agile development methods.
  • Experience and a penchant for unit testing is a plus.
  • Experience in OO languages (PHP / MySQL is a plus).

We're looking for people who are meticulous of their own code and can check those of colleagues. Programmers that understand the value of good unit tests, code reviews and refactorings. In all this you will get to grips and be assisted by a young and enthusiastic team of developers.

About Munisense

Munisense develops, produces and manages highly innovative real-time and online measurement and control solutions that deliver actionable information. Smart City solutions that provide insight in noise, vibrations, water levels, energy usage, water and air quality and that allow effective control of ventilation and pump activity.


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