Interactive dynamic public lighting

Full control of adjustable, dynamic lighting

Create custom lighting using standard luminaires with our dynamic lighting system. Streetlights that adjust to circumstances and react to its environment like weather, traffic and emergencies. You can save substantial energy (upto 80%), reduce light pollution, maintain safety levels, reduce maintenance cost, and improve maintenance service levels.

Munisense has already developed many lighting applications ranging from city centers, industrial parks, bike paths, gas stations, parking lots and driveways to ambience and architectural lighting.

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We manufacture and supply a variety of light controllers, sensors, detectors and gateways.We also provide tailor-made products to fit specific applications or end products. In our INSIGHTNOW ™ cloud platform you can see all details and status of your lighting projects online and have full remote control.



The INSIGHTNOW™ service consists of wireless sensing in combination with an on-line back-office and customer portal providing measurement data and control at all times from anywhere around the globe.

Light meters and controllers

Light meters and controllers

We carry a number of standard lighting products like the light controllers below. There are numerous lighting applications and solutions. We would like to tell you more about our additional lighting products like traffic detectors. Call us or contact us via e-mail to discuss your application.

Products / Packages


Smart bicycle paths

Smart bicycle paths

Save energy up to 80%

Increase safety

Integrate environment in dimming

Reduce operational costs

Fully ALiS compatible

At night, bicycle paths are used infrequently and are often situated in areas where reducing light pollution is important. INSIGHTNOW™ dynamic lighting enables energy savings up to 80% without sacrificing the safety.

Festive lighting

Festive lighting

Control and configure remotely

Switching, dimming, and colour

Measure energy usage per object

Built for continuous outdoor use

Immediate reporting of failures

Festive lighting is a pleasant addition to the atmosphere in urban centres. Due to its often temporary nature, this type of lighting requires quick and easy installation as well as high availability and safety requirements. Using the INSIGHTNOW™ light controllers every lamp, series of lamps or light sculptures can be controlled and configured remotely. Our partner for our management solutions for festive lighting is MK Illumination.

Lighting for industry or commercial areas

Lighting for industry or commercial areas

Reducing energy cost

Improve safety

Full light levels when necessary

Integrates info on local environment

Integrates with security cameras

Besides saving energy, safety is an important aspect in lighting industrial or commercial areas. The INSIGHTNOW™ system integrates a variety of triggers in calculating the light levels for individual lamps or groups of streetlights. These triggers can be reported to a control room and can autonomously increase lighting, for instance to optimise camera images.

Sub-urban and rural roads

Sub-urban and rural roads

Save up to 80% energy

Increase safety

Integrate traffic density and weather

Reduce operational costs

Fully ALiS compatible

Traffic density in sub-urban and rural areas varies significantly in the evening and is minimal at night. Switching off lights at night saves energy but increases the safety risk. Controlling light levels based on traffic density, streetlights adjust to the actual need for sufficient light. Groups of lights can be adjusted to actual or predicted traffic density levels.

About Munisense

Munisense develops, produces and manages highly innovative real-time and online measurement and control solutions that deliver actionable information. Smart City solutions that provide insight in noise, vibrations, water levels, energy usage, public streetlights, water and air quality and that allow effective control of street lights and their light levels, ventilation and pump activity.

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General Terms and Conditions

  • Front-end webdeveloper for sensor-data visualisation

    Your work will involve devising practical ways to visualize sensor data, the design of the interface and the final implementation within our framework.

  • Webdeveloper for sensordata SAAS

    While many companies doing web development (especially in PHP) often focus on delivering fast small sites and functionalities within the deadlines, it is with us otherwise. The focus is on writing understandable code and continue to develop it in order to keep the quality high.

  • Internship

    At Munisense there are always opportunities to gain work experience.


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