Making your product available online

Rapid and reliable

Our INSIGHTNOW™ technology allows rapid development and reliable services for parties that have specific needs when bringing a product or information online.

This shortens the product development process considerably. Our technology is extremely suitable to be integrated in various applications.

We provide design collateral for manufacturers that prefer to design their own hardware and we build custom software ourselves or with partners. Our INSIGHTNOW™ portal technology subsequently allows customers to provide first-level support and to handle network and device monitoring for their customers. For manufacturers that use or develop their own user interface, we have defined an extensive web service to allow remote access to data and control.

Call us, we are happy to discuss your IoT application with you.

Some OEM applications

Indoor Climate

Indoor Climate

Quick product development

Outsource hardware design

3D printed prototypes

As part of a complete indoor climate monitoring solution, we developed sensors for indoor climate (CO2, temperature, humidity), presence, light, Volatile Organic Compounds and particle matter.

Axia Smart Chair

Axia Smart Chair

Quick marketing of an idea

Large cloud based platform expertise

Short development process

Flexibility INSIGHTNOW™ platform

The Axia Smart Chair is a smart office chair designed to provide feedback on the ergonomic use of the chair. The chair contains sensors that measure sitting position and this data is available through a portal. The chair provides vibrational feedback to the user when consistently poor sitting behaviour occurs. The Axia Smart Cloud provides historical data. This Smart Cloud uses the Munisense INSIGHTNOW™ Platform and Network.

Mooodz Scent Dispenser

Mooodz Scent Dispenser

Rapid product development

Various 3D printed prototypes

Custom made software platform

The Moodz dispenser is able to generate scents on demand. Either using a local network or integrated GPRS, from the portal the Mooodz customers can set the scent and the time it is dispensed. The Mooodz Scent Dispenser uses the INSIGHTNOW™ Platform and Network.

Large Scale, Monitored Transports

Large Scale, Monitored Transports

Very short development process

Hardware design data available

Worldwide compatibility

For monitoring transportation of very large objects around the world, it may be important to integrate a number environmental sensors at various locations within the transport, that provide real-time information. This Sense, Track & Trace system is based on our environmental sensors for temperature, humidity, inclination and vibration. The sensors communicate with a GPS/GPRS gateway that transmits all data to our INSIGHTNOW™ cloud platform. This battery operated system is designed to guarantee autonomous operation up to 6 months.


Our OEM services range from the network level, via the cloud level, to our extensive web services.

OEM Network Services

OEM Network Services

We provide all necessary documentation and collateral to design hardware that interacts with our cloud services. If required, we design the necessary sub-system and give access to our extended firmware libraries.

OEM Cloud Services

OEM Cloud Services

We provide our proven back-office and portal technology for OEM services. White label portals including domain names is optional. Our portal technology allows first-level customer support and network operating monitoring services while we provide second-level support.

OEM Web Service

OEM Web Service

For customers that provide their own user interface or utilise our design partners, we have defined extensive web services to implement all Munisense portal functionalities.

About Munisense

Munisense develops, produces and manages highly innovative real-time and online measurement and control solutions that deliver actionable information. Smart City solutions that provide insight in noise, vibrations, water levels, energy usage, public streetlights, water and air quality and that allow effective control of street lights and their light levels, ventilation and pump activity.

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    General Terms and Conditions

  • Front-end webdeveloper for sensor-data visualisation

    Your work will involve devising practical ways to visualize sensor data, the design of the interface and the final implementation within our framework.

  • Webdeveloper for sensordata SAAS

    While many companies doing web development (especially in PHP) often focus on delivering fast small sites and functionalities within the deadlines, it is with us otherwise. The focus is on writing understandable code and continue to develop it in order to keep the quality high.

  • Internship

    At Munisense there are always opportunities to gain work experience.


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