Structurally measuring air quality

Online insight into the air quality and the indoor climate, energy usage, occupancy rates and even compliance with prevention regulations.

Continuous measurements using the INSIGHTNOW™ meters that send their measurement data to our INSIGHTNOW™ platform allows for factual investments in structural improvements of ventilation. As well as measures to reduce energy consumption, and independent assessment of performance contract fullfilment.
The over all result is a structural healthy and fresh indoor climate, that diminishes health risks and improves the performance of those present.

Brochure indoor climate (Dutch)


Our meters that monitor indoor climate communicate via a gateway to the internet, just like our other equipment. Thus, all measured values, current as well as historic, can be monitored in our INSIGHTNOW™ cloud portal in real-time. And even periodical reports/logbooks can be sent with the automatic e-mailservice.



The INSIGHTNOW™ service consists of wireless sensing in combination with an on-line back-office and customer portal providing measurement data and control at all times from anywhere around the globe.

Measuring air quality

Measuring air quality

We provide some of our products in standard packages. This allows you to start measuring the air quality and the indoor environment in a building quickly and easily. The meters provide online insight into the desired parameters. By using our automated email service, logging for health inspection is no longer necessary.

Of course purchasing single meters and/or adding meters to standard packages is possible. As a matter of fact, all our meters can be combined without any problems.

Air quality meters

Air quality meters

We offer several small, easy to install meters that provide online insight into outdoor air quality and indoor climate. These wireless meters record important parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2, air particles, VOCs and/or energy consumption.


Stricter air quality regulations for our little ones

Stricter air quality regulations for our little ones

Air quality and ventilation

Stricter CO2 levels

Monitoring indoor climate

Automatic online daily logs

Childcare centers

Childcare centers may need to comply to significantly more stringent requirements for air quality and ventilationnowadays. Our smart city CO2 meters can properly map these values and constantly monitor the compliance with requirements set. Our meters store their measurements in our INSIGHTNOW™ cloud portal for analysis and reporting. The logs of CO2 values in group and sleeping quarters that you will automatically receive via e-mail, can also give health control authorities detailed insight in air quality (see example of weekly report below).

Example of e-mailservice of weekly report

Check operation of ventilation systems

Check operation of ventilation systems

Monitoring in all seasons

Does the ventilation system work?

Is the air quality enough?

Even with varying group sizes

Measurement leads to knowledge: determining whether the air quality is sufficient is easy with our smart city indoor climate meters. The measured CO2 concentration is displayed on the meter and also in our INSIGHTNOW™ cloud portal. The historic overview gives valuable additional information. Permanent measurements lead to a reliable insight of air quality independent of season and varying group sizes. Thus the CO2 concentration is monitored continuously and can be determined whether the ventilation system functions properly and is used correctly. The powerful cloud portal gives real-time as well as historic insight and includes convenient analysis and reporting tools.

Quick insight in indoor environments

Quick insight in indoor environments

Offices, hospitals, sports centers,
data centers, schools, hotels

Quickly understand complaints about indoor environments

Check effectiveness of equipment installed

Engineering and consultancy agencies, property managers and technical service engineers can quickly and properly identify indoor climate complaints with a measurement set. These objective measurements also indicate whether equipment does indeed create a fresh environment. The occupancy rate, energy consumption or temperature of the building can be visualized, alarms can be set, eg in case of unnecessary heating.

After all, the meters measure continuously and send all their measurement data continuously to the INSIGHTNOW ™ cloud portal. Creating clear overall overviews, thorough analyzes and reports.

Healthy school environments

Healthy school environments

Prioritization of measures

Improving indoor environment and energy performance

Preventing health problems

Monitoring performance contract

With insight into the parameters of indoor environment it can be determined which measures render best and whether it actually leads to the desired results after implementation. Compliance to performance contracts can be objectively assessed based on the independent continuous measurement data.

Healthy school environments (Dutch)

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